NeeCee Ogéne

Many in the city know her as the Wigologist, but pretty soon they’ll know her for much more! NeeCee is an 18 year old Hairstylist and Poet from Kansas City, Kansas. Recently, she’s created her own Cosmetic brand selling lip gloss and body shimmers. On the her site, attached below, she’s released a Summer collection consisting of seven new glosses and three new body shimmers; an excellent gift for any cosmetics lover! There’s a certain passion and skill that is apparent in her work, pairing that with an unfaltering resolve results in the creation of units anyone would be proud to wear. The way she’s able to weave together her creations can very much be described as poetry in motion; NeeCee’s proficient when it comes to maneuvering her needle with the utmost precision. She characterizes herself as a wild and unpredictable girl, truly a free spirit. Within her poetry, she aspires to invoke a sense of deeper thinking in the minds of her listeners by allowing them to comprehend her words and apply them to everyday life. Not all her topics represent something she’s experiencing or experienced, yet, NeeCee believes her ideals will reach someone who has been in such situations. She understands that individuality is a key component in us being unique, however, she also understands that as a whole we’ll benefit not only our generation, but generations to come. Ogéne hopes her work can one day help shift her community to a rebirth. Despite the negative perceptions her community may receive, we’d like to think they’re outweighed by positives. NeeCee Ogéne believes her city’s renaissance will occur as soon as people begin to work in unity rather than on their own.   “A quote my dad used to always tell me and that I now tell others is ‘Aim for the moon, so that even if you fall, you’ll fall among the stars.'” Be sure to follow her socials and contact her if interested in her services! Always move #CloserToYourDreams 


Facebook: NeeCee Ogéne

Instagram: NeeCee The Wigologist

Ogéne Cosmetics: Shop Here 

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