Kendon McClaine II

Ever been told you aren’t able to do something simply because you’re “too young?” Kendon McClaine II has, and he has responded by doing everything they told him he couldn’t. This 17 year old out of Kansas City, Kansas is a multi musician, composer/arranger, and professional photographer. He started young, his skill growing as he has. His potential is endless, a true prodigy that’s able to play a large variety of instruments. Some of these instruments include; piano, tuba, saxophone, organ, drums, percussion, and much more! He’s drawn to full chords and funky rhythms one would typically find in RnB music. It is because of this that McClaine feels his culture has also helped him sway towards this sound. He layers chords together and arranges bits and pieces to create a sound meant for voices to sing over. His biggest influences in composing and arranging are Tyler, The Creator, PJ Morton, Isaac Cates, Quincy Jones, Cory Henry, and Shaun Martin. Kendon even conveys his love of music through the use of photography, often taking photos of his instruments in natural settings. McClaine wishes to expand his network, partnering with both models and fashion designers in his hometown of Wyandotte County to begin building a portfolio. Being the musician he is, Kendon hopes to start his own drum line for the youth, giving them a creative outlet. He states that as a young musician, sometimes you have to work ten times as hard to prove yourself to older musicians. Music and photography have always been vital to this young teens life despite what the critics may say. He pays them no mind, simply allowing his skills do the talking for him. “My dad told me ‘You don’t work, you don’t eat.’ Take that how you will.” Like Kendon, always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: kendonmcclaineii@gmail.con

Facebook: Kendon McClaine II

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