Latitia Murdock

Many can express themselves through oration while others are a little better at expressing themselves through their writings. 20-year-old Latitia Murdock out of Kansas City, Kansas is capable of both! The young Poet has been growing her skills exponentially; writing poetry for six years and developing her performance of said poetry for three years. What does she write about? Well for starters, Latitia likes to explore Love; finding love, losing love, and everything in between. More than that, she loves to discuss the struggle of Black people and bring awareness to a reality many others wouldn’t understand. Her writings started merely as a hobby, but as she’s been able to grow closer to her writings and make them an extension of herself Murdock has thought about publishing her work and immortalizing it. Her wisdom shines through her words, whether on paper or spoken she creates unique and soulful pieces with the intention of uplifting others. Her goal is to stay true to herself by speak and expressing her reality and feelings. Murdock knows that someone will relate, so for her to sugarcoat her writings would be unfair to them; they need to know they aren’t alone. Being apart of Brave New Voices was a great boost for her, and she performed as one of KCK’s first members to ever attend. With her own voice, she hopes to become a beacon of positivity in the community. She wants to engage the community in regards to speaking on societal issues, mental health, and love/heartbreak. An old soul, Latitiia Murdocks’ wisdom radiates from her writings, spoken word, and overall composure. Expect to see more of her. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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