Ty’Shia Adams

Whether it’s a pencil, brush, or even a digital drawing tablet, 22-year-old Ty’Shia Adams out of Kansas City, Kansas can produce spectacular creations. Her artistic roots run deep within her family, and Ty’Shia recalls starting her artistic career much like other kids; doodling all over walls with markers, pens, and crayons. From this point, Ty’Shia would begin making her own comics and characters, being seen with a sketch pad wherever she’d go. She always made sure to have her fingers in motion, even doing impromptu drawings for her friends. Starting as a pencil and pen artist, she’s been able to cultivate her skills and expand to painting, sculptures, and as of 2016, she’s been working on perfecting her art digitally. Adams has certainly overcome some sizable hardships from the beginning of her art career. Being born blind in her left eye, she’s always feared losing her sight. Even more than that, she’s feared possibly losing her artistic ability due to her deteriorating vision. Persistent, however, Ty’Shia finds positives within her disability. One she recognized pretty quickly was that she has a heightened attention to detail; being able to see little details others wouldn’t catch from afar. Influential artists such as Ernie Barnes, Kadir Nelson, Frida Kahlo, and animator Ralph Bakshi have inspired Adams to draw from her life experiences while adding a surrealistic twist to her works. Besides these artists mentioned, Adams can find inspiration and influence from anyone she comes in contact with. She’s certainly been inspired by her support system of family and close friends; even random strangers have shown their support for her artwork because it’s just that good! Currently, Ty’Shia Adams is working on a number of collaborative projects, one being a lead designer for her sister’s California based clothing line. She’s also been able to complete album cover art for artists in Texas. Ty’Shia states that as long as she has her passion, she’ll be able to go as far as she pleases and we couldn’t agree more. “Being an artist is probably the most frustrating job ever. We seek perfection in an imperfect world as imperfect people.” We certainly see perfection in her artwork even if she doesn’t, Ty’Shia Adams is a generational talent. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: tyshiaadams@gmail.com

Instagram: Arttwist97

Facebook: Ty’Shia Adams

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