Tyrone Hooks

Music can be heard throughout the day; we hear it on television, through the radio, on social media, and in many other places. While we may casually listen to music, there are a select few who can internalize it and become one with the beat. These gifted people are those we identify as our musicians, singers, producers, sound engineers, etc. 22-year-old Tyrone Hooks out of Kansas City, Kansas is a DJ and Musician unlike any other. This rising creative has been playing instruments since he was in the 6th grade and professionally DJing since 2018; Hooks states that music has been a passion of his since before he could remember. Hooks enjoys DJing parties, it’s a certain rush to being able to control the atmosphere and mold it to where attendees can let loose and enjoy themselves; something he’s done on numerous occasions in the past as a DJ for JTG promotions and 4 Live events. Through constant practice and patience, Tyrone has worked through the growing pains that come with learning an instrument or perfecting a DJ set. He’s found influence in great musicians like Reggie May, Darryl Ammons, Charles Williams, and the late Dr. Brandon McCray. Due to his love for music, no genre is off limits for Tyrone and he finds enjoyment in being more than capable of mixing numerous genres together for a set. Being talented enough to switch the vibe whilst keeping the groove is something Hooks prides himself on. In addition to his stellar work on the turntables, Hooks employs his keen eye to crowd watch and make sure event attendees are enjoying what they’re hearing. To do this, Hooks will often play hype songs the crowd knows before adding some flare and switching it up with something they’ve never heard before to keep them on their toes. For anyone looking to start DJing, Tyrone advises they pick up a turntable or DJ controller and prepare themselves for consistent practicing. Everything can be learned on the internet, however, the only way to truly hone your skills is by dedicating time and patience to the craft. In the coming years, Tyrone Hooks plans to be consistently employed as a professional Bar/Club DJ. “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to!” A statement that couldn’t be truer. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Facebook: Tyrone Hooks

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