Trinity Miller

Conveying your emotions is very important, and there are numerous ways to do so. Some convey their feelings through poetry, others may use music. 20-year-old Trinity Miller out of Kansas City, Kansas expresses herself through her artistry with an emphasis on Drawing. Miller states her artistic ability was passed down to her by her father, a talented artist that was never able to truly pursue his dream. Being her main inspiration in all aspects, she plans to take him to the top with her as she strives for a degree in Illustration and Animation. Miller has seen a growth in her art; from illustrations that used to resemble “potato people” to experimenting with realism in her work. As expected, perfecting anything comes with ups and downs and Miller has seen plenty of both. It’s easy to want to give up, but Miller understands that through repetition and perseverance she can and will improve her artistic expertise. To help her focus on the task at hand, Trinity often listens to music; especially when she feels like quitting. The music helps calms her nerves and reassures her that for every “ugly” project, they’ll be two or three beautiful ones. Trinity finds enjoyment in the shading, blending, and coloring of her finished creations; a therapeutic part of her process compared to the stress she feels from the actual drawing. Her short term goals include graduating and interning for Hallmark as part of their design team. Long term, Trinity Miller hopes to take the experience she’ll have gained over the years to design for Disney/Pixar and eventually go into business alongside her father designing clothes. “Figure out what you do better than anybody else and make a career/lifestyle out of it.” Designing her life how she sees fits. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Instagram: trins_art_and_stuff_

TikTok: Trinlynn

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