Kiah Wright

When you’re approached by someone, what is it about their face that captivates you the most? Perhaps it’s their smile? Or maybe the form of their lips? What about the color and shape of their eyes? For 23-year-old Kiah Crump out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas, the most noticeable thing happens to be a person’s eyelashes. Becoming a certified Lash Technician in October of 2019, it wasn’t until April of this year that she has begun to steadily work on others. Crump has always found fascination in beauty and the beauty industry since she was young. From the age of eight she knew she was destined to become the boss of herself; wanting to own a nail salon. She’s placed nails on hold, for now, planning to pick the practice back up; and soon. The road to being her own CEO has certainly come with a few bumps; being an entrepreneur and relying solely on the money she makes from lashing can be quite stressful. Canceled appointments, late clients, and other uncontrollable circumstances all play a part in that stress, however, her love for making other women feel beautiful overshadows any hardships that come with the craft. Kiah dedicates numerous hours to lashing others. Her process consists of precisely applying individual or fanned lashes to each of her clients’ natural lashes, the result being a lengthier, fuller, and thicker look. Uplifting and empowering women has helped set Kiah Crump apart from the rest; she wishes to truly make a genuine connection with her clients rather than just making a check off them. Due to her not having many influences in the field, Kiah spotlights her Lashing Mentor, Kiana, who helped her gain certification. Kiana is a well-known Esthetician also known by “Wink by Ki.” Following an anxiety attack in April, Crump had to quit her job and wasn’t able to find a replacement for it. Boldly, she decided to lash full time and work has been pretty steady since then! Crump recognizes this as one of her biggest achievements, a leap of faith that has helped propelled her forward in her future endeavors. As mentioned prior, Crump eventually plans to move onto fields of beauty including micro-blading, facials, threading, waxing, and of course; nails. Within the next couple of years, she’ll have obtained her Esthetician license with hopes of opening a one-stop-shop for Women and all their beauty-related necessities. “Everything happens for a reason! Grow through what you go through!” We’re looking forward to Kiah Crump furthering her growth. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


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