Tre’Veon Tremaine Yates

When making music, it takes a bunch of components and those who can piece those components together. We have writers, rappers/singers, producers, and of course instrumentalists. 21-year-old Tre’Veon Yates out of Kansas City, Kansas happens to be a master of ALL those skills. Playing instruments since the sixth grade, he’s grown to be quite prodigious with the alto saxophone. His rapping started in 2015 when he recorded his first song along with his little brothers. During this time, Yates states that they were simply playing around with their vocals but discovered a true passion for it. Yates is currently in school pursuing a degree in Music Education, one he will have obtained by December 2021. Yates tends to tell the whole story in his raps, something he views as a potential con because he doesn’t like to get too personal but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. One of the positives when it comes to him telling his truth is that Yates only raps about the life he’s living; no false testimonials or over-exaggerations. So, rapping or playing the sax? When presented with this question, Tre says that he prefers the Alto Saxophone cause he sees it as his first love. His love for his daughter, mother, grandma, brothers, and himself keeps him pressing forward to success. His vision of success includes owning a music store, winning a Grammy, and being seen as a leader amongst his peers in Kansas City. Tre’ sees himself brushing shoulders and eventually being able to collab with other prominent KC artists such as Kye Colors, DWalk, JoJo Ali, Wasteland, Mac Infinity, Ky Moor, and Mac Malone; the list goes on! The advice he leaves with us is to always take care of your mind, body, and soul; don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do it!” Never settle for less, don’t ever think you’re not the best.” Another creative on the rise. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Instagram: Treezymadeit2

SoundCloud: TreezyMadeiT2

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