Maka Jackson

Campaign Maka, Hollywood Maka, or just Maka; no matter what you may know him by, 23-year-old Maka Jackson out of Kansas City, Kansas is a man capable of many things. Although he identifies as primarily a Rapper and Writer, he’s able to work on anything that involves production to consumption including mixing/mastering, editing cover art, and distribution. Despite him being able to do so much, Maka has taken pride in the team of producers, photographers, etc. he’s been able to assemble around him. He’s been rapping for as long as he can remember, stating that his mother often says “As soon as Maka could talk he’s been rapping.” His engineering talent began to develop around the age of 13 and 16 was when he started creating his own covers using photoshop. Next summer will make it his 10th summer releasing music, meaning he has songs dating back to 2011! Jackson truly has a sound unlike any other, listeners can hear the versatility in his verses; you can go to the gym to it, hustle to it, and even party to it. His music reflects him as a person, telling the story of Maka. Jackson draws his biggest musical influence from his Uncles and Cousins, professional musicians who’ve won Grammys. Maka can appreciate artists from all over including the East Coast, West Coast, down South, and more. He feels that due to him living in the Midwest he truly gets to hear and value all the different music styles the US has to offer. Like all artists, he’s invested a lot into his talent; walking by faith and not sight is what’s kept him focused. There’s been a lot of trial and error in his career, and of course, that could make anyone question if things are worth it. He’s been able to overcome all his hardships but listening, learning, and asking questions. You have to often look at things as a lesson rather than just chalking them up as a loss; finding the positives in the negatives is imperative. To describe music within his city, there’s a lot of West Coast and Detroit inspiration that molds together into something new. Jackson sets himself apart by continuously grinding and never backing down from his goal; persistence is everything. Working hard and preparing to perform at the highest level possible will always be Jackson’s motivation, and he’ll continue to do so even when he reaches Platinum and Hall of Fame levels. “It’s a long road but I’m willing to travel it.” We can’t wait to see where his journey lands him. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


Election Year: Stream Here

SoundCloud: Campaign Maka

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