Kale Hughes

What makes a good musician? The ability to play multiple instruments? Being able to compose/produce? Maybe it’s being able to sing to those same compositions you create? If this is the criterion we’re following, 21-year-old Kale Hughes out of Wichita, Kansas goes above and beyond as a musician. Starting at the age of 6, Kale has been able to learn how to play multiple instruments including piano, guitar, a little bass, drums, and other percussion instruments. Violin was the first instrument he picked up, and he was able to do so quickly. Growing up listening to Motown, R&B/Soul, and Jazz, Kale incorporates a lot of the techniques found in those genres into his music. Often a quiet and reserved person, music has helped Kale explore the side of himself that he does not share with the world. As a musician, the actual process of learning the ins and outs of producing, including mixing/mastering and learning the DAW, has been rather easy for Hughes. While many producers rely heavily on sampling, Hughes prefers to make beats from scratch. With this, Kale is able to have full creative freedom when piecing together a project. Beginning his production journey a little over a year ago, Kale has switched from Logic Pro X to FL Studio 20 which is more user friendly. As a result of this switch, his workflow has improved tenfold. Some inspirations for his music include Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, QUEEN, Coltrane, Beyoncé, and Miguel since he was little. In addition to them, Hughes enjoys listening to Raahiem, DVSN, Sabrina Claudio, Brent Faiyaz, Alina Baraz, Willow, H.E.R., Kendrick Lamar, Sir, and a few others. When asked about local music, Hughes says that there are three genres most artists tend to lean towards; Hip-Hop, Trap, and Alternative. Kansas artists tend to lack the necessary support needed from one another to be successful; everyone is so focused on just “making it out” that they’re stuck in their ways of thinking and refuse to look outside the box. Kale Hughes sets himself apart by simply staying true to himself. There’s a “get rich quick” mentality that Hughes unapologetically refuses to have; he makes music that heals/nourishes his soul and the souls of others. The music Hughes makes mirrors his emotions, music that’ll reflect the very message he’s trying to convey. Kale plans on continuing to produce music for the remainder of his life, however, not as a career. There are many passions in Kales life and music is just one of them. With this said, Hughes will continue to grow as a musician and producer, and if given the opportunity to work with the majors in the industry, he won’t hesitate! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: prodsbykale@gmail.com

LinkTree: ProdByKale

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