Macc Malone

Learning a skill is no easy task, so when one’s capable to grasp an assortment of skills it attests to their hard work ethic and determination. In addition to being a growing musical Artist and Pianist, 24-year-old Macc Malone out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas has grown adept in the areas of Writing, Producing, and musical Engineering as well. Coming from a family that’s musically inclined has helped increase Malone’s musical interest. In addition to this, having Lyndale as his cousin and watching the artist’s journey upward has influenced Malone’s own. Macc’s journey has come with more than a fair share of challenges including having professional, quality studio time and finding YouTube beats. These very hardships are what helped pushed Malone to produce and engineer for himself and his group of friends. To him, music is therapeutic and a way to express your struggles whilst coping with them. The story he tells on his first project “Saved By The Bankroll” is from the perspective of a young single successful black man being a father, boyfriend, and family man as well as dealing with all the struggles that come along with that. “Rise of the Macc,” his second project, is a take on relationships and companionship with a woman. Macc describes the music where he’s from as having an aggressive “gangster” feel, partially because in the Midwest people tend to be a little hostile. He’s worked with other local talents Wyco Droop, Gottigang Neelz, Dmaccaveli, Tre Yates, and intends on working with others such as Fonzo, Southside Dame, Jooby, and a couple of others. His progress and work ethic has set him apart from others. Macc’s able to reach out; showing love, support, and giving recognition and props where due. In the very near future, he’s expecting to continue building his brand and doing music full time; the main goal being the support and care of his family. “The heights great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but while their companions slept, they toiled upward in the night.” A rising star indeed, we’ll be hearing more from Macc Malone very soon. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


Macc Malone: Listen Here

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