De’Auan McClaine

Social media plays a huge role in a person’s success, and utilizing the necessary skills to market yourself plays an even bigger one. De’Auan McClaine aka Mac Infinity considers himself a jack of all trades, working in Photography, Film, Music, Graphic design, and Clothing. McClaine believes his most important skill, however, is paying attention to keen details others would ordinarily overlook. Since he was four, his mother made sure to instill in him the importance of public speaking and expressing oneself; the numerous speeches he’s given over numerous occasions have helped mold him into the artistic talent he is today. McClaine has been a huge fan of movies and hip hop since he was younger and growing up he listened to a lot of OutKast, Lupe Fiasco, Bow Wow, and E-40. Now, he listens to a lot of Kendrick, J Cole, and local artists like Kye Colors. When it comes to cinematics, he watches a lot of Spike Lee, Christopher Nolan, and Quentin Tarantino. Growing to know himself as a person and artist has been a big challenge, so he utilizes his music to create an alternative version of himself in reference to his perspective of certain things in life. Although this perspective is subjective, it is a free-flowing structure that allows De’Auan to be proud of who he is and who he is becoming. Experimentation has played a huge role in his growth as well, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. We all encounter our own personal problems, struggles, and triumphs; there’s beauty in our struggles, and once that beauty is acknowledged we can blossom into something better. Music means a lot to De’Auan, he claims it saved his life and because of such he’s forever indebted to the craft. Through his music, he tells the story that life is a spectrum and that things aren’t as “black and white” as they may seem. In addition to Detroit and Chicago styles, music where he’s from draws a heavy West-Coast influence. He looks forward to working with local artists such as Chief the Don. Trae Curry. XVX Paris. Kye Colors. AyEl, and many more! He sets himself apart by working on his craft constantly, making sure to improve each day, and does so in a variety of ways; listening to beats, editing a video, writing a song, etc. Each action he makes is only pushing him further in the right direction. McClaine’s art speaks for itself, and it’s because of such that he believes he’s something the world’s never seen! In the future, he plans to be somewhere in the sun with his family, providing for them and his community. “Infinity is a lot longer than anything than we can fathom because we’re only here for a moment in the grand scheme of things.” Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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