Ja’Leayhia Spencer

Growing up, there are those of us who have our sights set on the future and know exactly what we want to do and be. That said, there are also those of us who find passion in something unexpected. 23-year-old Ja’Leayhia Spencer out of Kansas City, Kansas fell in love with entrepreneurship and nails after taking a nail tech class at KCKCC for fun. Beginning in the second semester of her senior year, Spencer has been providing clients with quality nails for around four years now. Although she had been a medical assistant and pharmacy technician, Spencer found little enjoyment in the practice and felt as though she was meant to do something else. After being encouraged to take the state board test by her mother, she’d become a licensed nail technician despite not necessarily planning to use the license. In 2017, Ja’Leayhia would travel to ATL where she’d attend a beauty convention and partake in various business/nail classes that taught her how to become her own boss and made her love for nails more apparent. In the beauty industry, pleasing clients can sometimes be hard due to designs, attitudes, and picky behavior; all of which can make the job a bit difficult and uncomfortable. Ja’Leayhia doesn’t let that stop her however, using professionalism, classiness, and A1 customer service skills to set herself apart. She finds support in her family, friends, and clients of course; all of whom constantly tell others to book with her. She’s accomplished numerous things and states that her biggest accomplishment is being able to say that she’s been her boss since the age of 18 and is still maintaining her business at the age of 23. She was recently chosen to be apart of the KC People’s Choice awards in 2020 and that was an eye-opener for her; to be given recognition when there are so many others who have been doing the same thing she does for longer attests to just how good of a nail tech Spencer truly is. Soon she’ll be venturing out into other exploits but that’s a surprise she’s not yet ready to unveil. In the future, Ja’Leayhia plans on becoming a spa owner and traveling nail tech; exploring the world while doing something she loves. We look forward to seeing where she goes from here. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: brushofglam@gmail.com

Brush Of Glam: Book Here

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