Destyni Schaefer

Visual artistry is such a broad spectrum that many different styles fall under; while some artists may perfect black and white sketches, others venture out to sculpting, using digital tablets, or wielding a brush. 21-year-old Destyni Schaefer out of Kansas City, Missouri merges vibrant colors with innovative designs to create memorable paintings that far exceed customer’s contentment. Destyni has been practicing her artistry for four years now, stating that she grew attracted to painting due to the calming sensations it’s provided her. While Destyni may not have any mentionable influences, she claims to draw inspiration from everywhere. Like many artists, Schaefer is her biggest critic doubting herself despite producing quality work. A way she’s overcome this is by asking the opinion of family and friends who of course provide never-ending support and help her get more in tune with her creative side. Making her artwork as fun and colorful as possible is the main idea(s) Destyni likes to convey within her projects. She plans to work with those who are into digital artistry and able to begin making custom prints from her paintings. Schaefer sets herself apart from other artists with her thought and painting process; she’s very particular and specific with outlining and is sure to incorporate everything the customer wants, paying attention to even the small details to leave customers at peak satisfaction. In the future, she hopes to make art a full-time job, learning various art techniques of painting to create a number of different art styles as opposed to only cartooning. Destyni Schaefer has faith that she’s destined to be successful with her artwork as long as she continues to take the steps required to get to where she wants to be. “Nothing to prove. everything to improve,” and improve she shall! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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