JoJo Ali

To say you’ve mastered any skill is a flex in itself, but when you’re capable of the mastery of multiple skills you could be referred to as what we call a combo creative. 20-year-old JoJo Ali delivers a one-two punch of being both an artist and producer. Growing up on both sides of Kansas City, he claims both Missouri and Kansas and has certainly cemented his name in the cities music scene. He’s been practicing his talents the majority of his life, subconsciously training his gifts through singing, dancing, beatboxing, and rapping since his younger years. He claims the idea of making music came to him naturally because, well, he’s been doing it naturally for all this time now. With him flirting with poetic verses, being mesmerized by melodies, and letting himself be wrapped up by rhythms, it’s easy to view music as Ali’s first love. The emotions he feels musically and sonically are a craving of Ali’s that will never be satisfied; something that has inspired him to continue to create and in turn receive those same emotions from his work. He draws inspirations from artists like Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Chris Brown, Saba, Big Sean, Joey Bada$$, Stevie Wonder, Travis Scott, Usher, Tory Lanez, Eminem, Childish Gambino, G Herbo, Smino, Madonna, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, and many more! As JoJo has had a lot of success with his music, he’s had some hardships as well. Some of these hardships include friends being yes men and not critiquing his work, people showing fake love while hating behind his back, and not having the necessary resources for his craft. As he states, he’s been able to “breeze” through all those hardships because he’s “The Chosen One,” and claims others know that just as well as he does. JoJo describes the music where he’s from as underground and different; a culmination of synth basses, G-funk style, special percussion, and old school samples. He’s partnered with other local artists Trae Curry, XVXParis, Solomonluvvugs, ATG, Chief the Don, and a few others. In the future, JoJo hopes to partner with artists including AyEl, Aaron Alexander, Fredd1e Fresh, Blau, Joey Origami, Gxlden Doll, Amira Wang, SoulFoodSuade, Gotti Gang, na. Locc, Bam Keith, Kye Colors is, A’sean, Kamaal Malik, Jenn with the Penn, 1bounce, Tha Gooniez, the list goes on and on! How does he set himself apart? It’s simple, JoJo Ali is himself and nobody else can be him. He brings a different energy to the table, adding yet another vibe to the wide and endless spectrum that is Kansas City’s music. The emotion in his work is evident and will always be felt, and that’s why it’s easy to separate this artist from the crowd. In time to come, he’ll be in Cali, perfecting his craft and doing bigger things with his music. He plans to be on your television speaking his truth through the music he creates; a born rapper living like a rockstar and loved like a popstar. A part of this dream includes rebuilding the KC metro area to look just as good as he perceives it. “You’re not obligated to support me, I get it. But just know I’m finna show you every reason why you should’ve.” Certainly a talent we’ll be hearing more from. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


SoundCloud: JoJo Ali

YT: JoJo Ali

Old – Single: Stream Here

OTL: Watch Here

LOVE ME: Watch Here

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