Wyco Droop

“The right person for the job,” is a saying we often hear in reference to being able to complete one specific task, but what statement do we use when one’s capable of completing multiple tasks? 24-year-old Wyco Droop out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas is a musical artist, audio mixing & mastering engineer, and high-quality innovator. His versatility has earned him quite the respect amongst his fellow peers of Kansas City’s music scene, whether we’re talking Kansas or Missouri. He’s refined his skill through constant repetition, being in his field for five years now. In addition to his high energy and strong willpower, Droop accredits his family of hustlers and trendsetters for instilling in him the traits necessary to continue to press through the ups and downs of the art that is music. Droop states that his hardest obstacle has been finding those within his field who are as genuine as him; all too often others are willing to bring themselves up to the next level by pushing someone down and using them as more or less a stepping stool. Due to this, he abides by a couple of rules; move with a slight step and high knees, always check and never assume, be specific, never let personal feelings get between business, and never show favoritism. Wyco characterizes Kansas City’s music scene as a slow-turning snowball that continues to grow bigger and pick up momentum; one that’ll eventually take all of Kansas City’s promising young talent to keep the ball rolling. To assure this will happen, Wyco is a man willing to partner with anyone contributing to the bigger picture and not only focused on personal gain. In the future, Wyco Droop states he could be doing anything, but he’ll definitely be here! “He who endures until the end will be successful and rewarded.” A man we’re quite sure will be one of the contributors to the revitalization of Kansas City’s arts scene, be on the lookout for more he has to offer. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Jerrelljosenberger@gmail.com

Big Town Studios: Book Here

Facebook: Wyco Droop

Instagram: Wyco.Droop

YoutTube: Wyco Droop

Red Card: Listen Here

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