When beginning anything it’s imperative that one doesn’t rush gaining recognition; nothing that comes easy tends to lasts. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and that couldn’t be truer when applied to creative abilities. 26-year-old AyEl out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas is testament to that statement, using the past six years to establish himself as one of Kansas City’s most distinguished Rappers and Songwriters. What began as a hobby slowly blossomed into a way of life for AyEl, a coping mechanism that gradually caught the eye of more and more listeners who would find themselves becoming fans before long. His journey has been far from easy; finding different production, having to visit different engineers, organizing shows, etc. have all been hardships AyEl has had to face. As he states, music is a process and if it was easy then any and everyone would be able to do it, something that simply isn’t the case. To AyEl, in reality, the creation of music is an amalgamation of two things; high risk & reward and trial & error. Creating is about learning from previous mistakes or shortcomings and applying what you’ve learned to make the best out of your opportunities. He’s been able to get past every hardship he’s faced by growing and will continue to do so. AyEl’s music is unique to him for several reasons; he offers vulnerability in his verses, the melody of his hooks are filled with emotion, and the stories he tells are relevant to real life. Often, AyEl is told that the topics discussed in his songs speak to listeners on a personal level, a sentiment that means the world to a young artist just telling his story. When describing the music in his hometown, AyEl states that he sees a lot of potential present from when he first started. Everyone is contributing to the music scene, pouring into it and the progression is evident. He’s worked with other locals such as Kamaal Malik, Jooby Truth, Kye Colors, Dame, and A’Sean. Soon, he hopes to connect and work on projects with DWalk, MB58, Wax, and many more. In the future, AyEl will continue to add to his catalog and build upon his brand Seventeen Summers. In addition to this, he hopes to travel and bring what he learns back to the community; he’s a man who cherishes family and mentorship. “You could make a living and never live.” We’re excited to see his growth from here. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: ayel.booking@gmail.com

Seventeen Summers: Stream Here

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