Kastasya Jackson

To call yourself a creative means to be especially talented in creating within a certain medium. However, some can create in multiple mediums, we refer to these creatives as Jack of All Trades. 23-year-old Kastasya Jackson out of Kansas City, Missouri is highly adept in drawing, painting, ceramics, crocheting, writing, and much more; to name everything would take too long! Although she’s capable of so much, Kastasya claims her more prominent talents are in artistry and crocheting. She’s developed her artistic abilities since age 5 with her beginning crocheting at 13. Self-taught in all her endeavors, she’s taken the opportunity to tailor her school’s curriculum to help advance said skills. Kastasya’s inspiration is limitless, and she finds it in any and everything with no restrictions. First and foremost she finds inspiration in herself and the power she holds as a Black woman. As she describes it, the concept of the Black woman is a treasure to Earth: a figure of grace, strength, and fiery passion all bundled up in an endless spectrum of shades of melanin. As a result of being a young black woman, Jackson has also faced her fair share of struggles; the loss of peers, loss of relatives, and battles internally & externally all play a part. These struggles have only pressed Jackson to uncover her true strengths and where they reside. An important component of Kastasya’s process is allowing her heart and soul to guide her hands as she expresses herself through her work. When it comes to crocheting, she always envisions the color scheme that would look the best depending on the product. She’ll draw out the schematics and dimensions then begin working until she reaches the end goal; the manifestation of an item perfect to her standards and vision. She enjoys wearing her work because to her it feels lovely to create something she values. Despite not yet collaborating with other artists, Jackson does admire and find inspiration in some of the artistry she sees. Kastasya Jackson is such a unique media artist because she likes to be adventurous, exploring new ways of creating, and never boxing herself in. Her spontaneity is important to her creative process because it keeps her audience guessing, predictability is boring. Jackson’s ultimate goal is to create endlessly and effortlessly through an abundance of energy and passion. “Simply a creator; I am the architect of manifesting my soul’s visions.” A creator in all aspects of the word. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Kastasya.jackson@gmail.com

Facebook: Naturally Allure

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