Carlajah Jones

There are many components to beauty and what makes people feel beautiful. Hair, skin, lashes, and nails are all things people take into account when discussing it. 23-year-old Carlajah Jones out of Kansas City, Kansas is a Nail technician making sure clients feel nothing short of gorgeous when receiving a set from her. Confucius once stated “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it,” however when it comes to nails done by Carlajah, beauty is the only thing anyone sees. She’s been doing nails for three years now altogether; practicing on herself and close friends for the first year and then going to school for her license over the next couple of years. Carlajah has always loved nails and fondly remembers painting her sisters and mom’s toes. in sixth grade, she would receive a nail kit from her father equipped with all the products she’d possibly need. Once she got older, Jones decided she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her Cosmetologist sister and begin doing nails full time. One of the hardships she’s stumbled across is keeping up with the frequently changing trends she has to learn. Keeping an open mindset and being willing to take on new challenges is how Jones has overcome these hardships. When visiting her salon, Carlajah wants to make sure clients are as comfortable as possible while being pampered and cared for. She makes sure sessions are filled with laughter and good talks. The goal is to make clients want to come back; not only for the quality nails but to come to spend time with her again as well! Her excellent customer service skills coupled with a great knack for business is how Carlajah sets herself apart. The prominent nail technician always goes the extra mile by doing the extreme and thinking outside of the box, believing there’s no nail set too great for her. Support from family and friends has and will always continue to motivate and push Carlajah even when she’s doubted herself. She surrounds herself with other progressive people she knows she can gain help and wisdom from. Her transition from nail school right into her profession has been an accomplishment she prides herself on; one that has done numbers for her confidence. In the future, Jones will be venturing into other areas of cosmetics and is especially interested in becoming an esthetician. She believes that the all-around work of an esthetician and nail technician goes hand and hand. In addition to this goal, she plans on co-owning a shop alongside her sister within the coming years. “‘ You gotta dream like you’ve never seen obstacles.’ — J. Cole” Be sure to book with her and get your nails Layd! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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