Bonita Champagne

Some utilize vocals to vividly create a scene while others brandish pens, pencils, paintbrushes, & oils to place those scenes onto canvas and pad. 21-year-old Bonita Champagne out of Kansas City, Kansas can do both. She’s been singing and drawing ever since the age of five, only recently picking up painting a year and a half ago. In her adolescence, she was surrounded by people who could sing such as her mother, aunties, cousins; it ran in the family. Bonita was forced to sing “We are the world” by her parents following a dispute with her siblings which resulted in her parents taking notice of her talent and pushing her to continue singing. Her talent and passion for drawing were evident because that’s all she did at home, in class, and everywhere she went; she just wanted to create! The painting was something Bonita describes as a spur of the moment that became more concrete. Being a perfectionist, Bonita has often felt insecure when it comes to her crafts. She’d find herself repeatedly erasing lines when drawing or becoming anxious over messing up a note when singing. Despite the many hours of practice she’s put into her talents, Bonita doubted herself in fear of what people would think. After being enlightened by God and dealing with her inner issues she found the spark that was once there. She realized that her gifts and the love she has for them are what makes her special; without bringing light to these gifts she wouldn’t be the person she is. Champagne enjoys using musical melodies and notes to paint a picture just as much as she enjoys using actual art utensils. When creating, she puts heavy detail into the lines, shapes, textures, and colors she incorporates into her masterpieces. Paying attention to lighting and how it has an effect on her finished product is also important. Mastery of pencil shading and the color grid is something even the best painters struggle with. Champagne describes her music as R&B, although she’d love to venture out into other genres as well. From learning at a young age in the church choir, she’s been able to expand her voice through music classes and continuous practice day in and day out. Through her authenticity, she sets herself apart. Champagne’s lyrics come from the heart like poetry; sharing her personal experiences or situations she’s witnessed. She states her music will always be relatable to someone because it’s the human experience. Bonita Champagne has been able to partner with other locals such as Joe Black and Rizz Illuminated, with who she has already done a couple of songs and plans on doing much more. She also hopes to work with GxldenDoll due to the vibes and persona of the artist. There are a lot of people in the city Bonita hopes to collaborate with in the future; their ideologies and vibes match those the creative likes to produce herself. She started the new year off with a bang. In addition to selling various paintings, Bonita has recorded numerous songs that are in the process of being mixed/mastered the right way. She accredits the support of her customers for how well she’s done this year. In the future, Bonita Champagne sees herself as a master of her talents and the business, successful in all her endeavors. Hopefully, she can be a leader and teacher to those wanting to pursue the same things. “I’ll tell the story of how when I was weak, I was really strong or when I was in darkness, I was really in paradise.” A story we all look forward to hearing. Always Move #CloserToYourDreams


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Instagram: Bonita_Champagne

Instagram: Champagnes_Craft_

Facebook: Champagnes Craft

YouTube: Life Of Leyah

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