Jalen Allen

Not everyone’s going to like your content at first and rather than giving up, you should continue to create! By staying consistent and putting out more work you’re bound to catch the eyes of many. 23-year-old Jalen Allen is a Musical Artist, Event Planner, and Influencer out of Wichita, Kansas who has persevered in all his endeavors. Otherwise known as SheNeedsJayR or simply Jay R, he’s been practicing music since elementary school with his first actual song being recorded in the sixth grade. He took an interest in music due to hearing how artists were able to take a beat and convey their emotions on it whilst relating to many. In high school, Jalen was always well known for being an athlete and he used that clout to promote his Event/Party services. The interest in Event planning came from Jalen’s intent on bringing others together for genuine and problem-free fun. Influenced by Tupac, Jalen believes the late rapper music spoke nothing but the truth and that it will live on forever. Allen models himself after Tupac by expressing his reality through his lyrics. He’s overcome several obstacles by staying true to himself and keeping a close relationship with God. Allen describes the music where he’s from as a spectrum; there are so many people with different styles, flows, and vibes. Some of the notable locals he’s had the chance to partner with include IGOBYMELO!, Plainview Kiet, OkayJay20K, Syrone, and a multitude of others. His versatility sets him apart from the others because he can excel in virtually any genre of music. In the future, Jalen Allen envisions himself being a well-known mogul in his hometown and nationwide, perhaps even internationally! “Find your purpose and leave your mark.” Jay R is certainly leaving his! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


LinkTree: Click Here

YouTube: SheNeedsJayR

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