Aaron Alexander 

Quality versus quantity is a discussion that’s been had forever. Some creators prefer to release multiple projects in a shortened span compared to those who believe in taking their time on individual projects. Aaron Alexander is a 25-year-old Recording Artist and Creative Director who has blossomed into an influential artist; his ultimate goal being to create a platform for himself through his music. Born in Morrilton, Arkansas, Aaron has lived in Kansas City, Kansas the majority of his life. Like many other Creatives, Aaron Alexander has been practicing his talents for most of his life! Starting in the 5th grade with poetry, Aaron intertwined said poetry with beats come his freshman year of high school. Utilizing the smooth-flowing motion of jazz in his songs, Aaron has constructed many riveting masterpieces that often leave listeners feigning for more. His interest in music stemmed from listening to Kanye’s “Graduation” album all the way through. Alexander always had a love for hip hop, but how that album was put together in such a flowing motion resonated with him. The album changed his perspective on how an album could sound completely. Both making and marketing his music was an expensive challenge which Alexander struggled with at first. Fundraising for his own operation had certainly taken a toll on his finances, however, knowing he was investing in something bigger than himself pushed him to continue making music. Alexander describes music in the city as having a lot of Bay Area influence. In recent years, he’s noticed a lot of Detroit influence as well. His music is best described as cinematic, music that paints a visual picture with the use of his words for his listeners. Aaron Alexander simply tells the story of what’s happening in his life; his topics are never limited. A couple of locals he works closely with are Alexander Preston and Leonard D$stroy. With a “never settle” mentality, Aaron sets himself apart by continuously trying to step up his game and taking time to perfect projects before releasing them. If everything goes his way, he’ll be writing songs and doing shows for years to come. “The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” – James Baldwin. We look forward to his progression. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: foreverignanta@gmail.com

Apple Music: Aaron Alexander

Spotify: Aaron Alexander

Instagram: Neoosho

Twitter: Neo_Osho

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