DeJah Spencer

Creative abilities, like humans, require nourishment and genuine love to grow. When one loves their gift, they’ll invest countless hours into honing their skills to peak performance. Some creatives have been practicing their talents all life long and have had the pleasure of watching these abilities grow as they have. 22-year-old Singer and Songwriter DeJah Spencer out of Kansas City, Kansas has been singing all her life. DeJah states singing came naturally for her and the passion she has for it is apparent with every note. Coming from a small place such as Kansas City, DeJah has found hardships in marketing herself. In addition to this, finding ways to be more unique so that her style stands out has troubled her. Nevertheless, Spencer is overcoming these hardships by reaching out to larger markets and working with their Producers, Writers, and Recording Artists. Spencer has found inspiration in other artists and because of this, she’s been able to grow exponentially as an RnB artist. DeJah describes the music scene of her city as a growing one; many more artists are attempting to work more intimately with one another to bring Kansas City the recognition it deserves. Her very strong support system has encouraged DeJah to set herself apart with a never-fail work ethic. Even professionals in the industry she’s had the chance to meet believe she has the sound and character to go very far. Locals she wishes to partner with include Yah Mean, JoJo Ali, Kye Colors, XVXParis, the Browns, and 1Bounce. She’s been able to accomplish many things including; working with Chris Brown’s producers and writers, releasing her album “Hear Me Out” at the age of 16, having her song featured on the BET Movie “Lucky Girl,” and traveling out of town for shows. In the future, DeJah Spencer sees herself at the Grammy’s accepting numerous awards. “’I NEVER LOSE, I EITHER WIN OR LEARN’ — Nelson Mandela.” We’ll be keeping an ear out for more of her. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


YouTube: DeJahsMusic

Enough ft. Pyramid: Listen Here

Instagram: DeJahsMusic

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