Asia Ray

Many have falsely perceived makeup as something that hides natural beauty when in fact, it amplifies it. As she utilizes quality products, blends to perfection, and employs precision techniques 21-year-old Asia Ray the MUA out of Kansas City, Kansas is eliminating the stigma behind the use of makeup. Beginning at a young age, Asia’s passion for makeup pushed her to perfect her craft on herself before moving on to family and friends. She’s found hardships in trying to develop a name for herself and grow her business. Through working on her techniques, she’s been able to grow more confident in her abilities and overcome these hardships. Asia takes pride in being able to make clients feel and look beautiful on the inside and out; enhancing the already beautiful features they possess. A goal of Rays is to reach out to other MUA’s within her city and create a network consisting of them and herself. Ray sets herself apart by catering to her clients’ facial structure, undertones, and preferences. In addition to this, building long-standing relationships with her clients is a top priority. In the future, Asia Ray plans to have space where she can work and wants to eventually develop her makeup brand. Asia has made strides towards these goals by investing in herself, saving money, and using the benefits of social media marketing. “‘I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it’ -Beyoncé.” Making her way one face at a time, we’re excited to see how far Asia Ray goes! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Asia Ray the MUA: Book Here

Instagram: AsiaRaytheMUA

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