Sauni Neal

Sometimes you can find the passion for something unexpectedly to discover it’s what you’ve had a calling for all along. 20-year-old Sauni Neal out of Kansas City, Kansas once used to play basketball and football but traded in his laces for lyrics around five years ago. In 2016, Sauni was encouraged to pursue rapping after freestyling with his brothers during an afternoon walk. Through his music, he expresses how life is going for him and the situations he has encountered. All his songs are easily relatable and many can vibe to his stories that are told over melodies. His main message is that regardless of if you come from nothing, you can make something of yourself against whatever odds may be stacked against you. Sauni has reached out to a few locals he plans to work with and is currently awaiting some responses from them. Recently, he was able to partner with XVXParis on a hit single “U&Meh.” In the future, he plans to help many. Neal wants to help other families like he plans to help his own; changing lives is of the utmost importance to him. “…Cause everybody deserves a chance and ima give out as many as I can…this s* for everybody.” We hope to see him changing lives very soon.Always move #CloserToYourDreams


SoundCloud: $aunii

U&Meh: Stream Here

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