Gerriah Lynch

Some lyrics, while engaging, don’t hold the substance that others may. Lyrics from 21-year-old Gerriah Lynch out of Kansas City, Kansas, on the other hand, speak to the soul. Gerriah has merged her skills in Singing, Songwriting, Creative Writing, Producing, and Audio Engineering to further herself in her field. While she’s been singing since seven, Gerriah has been recording herself and posting it for others to view since eleven. Her love for singing began when entertaining her family during Christmas get-togethers. She thanks her parents for giving her the room to grow and being supportive no matter how loudly and often she sang. They introduced her to inspirational singers such as Jill Scott, whom Gerriah would mimic her style and runs. Lynch has experienced many hardships as a singer. These hardships include overcoming her nervousness, expenses, and anxiety. She’s been able to overcome being nervous by simply performing through it. Through acquiring skills in mixing and producing, she’s been able to save money being an independent artist. Lynch left her hometown for Atlanta, Georgia. She did this so that she could study Audio Engineering. Doing so resulted in her being on her own for quite some time. Being in a new place without the resources provided by family can cause one to be anxious, and it was no different for Lynch. However, positive thinking has helped her gain many opportunities to propel herself forward. She would describe herself as an RnB artist with a twist of pop and a whole lot of soul. Her sound is unique in the fact that she doesn’t aim to sound like anyone else. With each one of her songs, Lynch tells one of the many stories about her life. Despite the many talented artists and diverse styles of music in her hometown of Kansa City, Gerriah states that the support system and the number of opportunities pale in comparison to larger cities such as Atlanta. She’s been able to partner with locals Iam1ex, A’Maury, and has many more collaborations that have yet to hit streaming platforms! Her single that recently hit platforms on 4/9, “Spend The Night,” was produced by good friends WICKED FINGAZ. In 2020, one of her inspirations, Erykah Badu, shared Gerriah’s cover of “Tyrone” on Instagram. In addition to this, Anita Baker’s team shared her cover of “Angel” back when the legendary singer had Instagram. In the future, Gerriah Lynch hopes to collaborate with other creatives and make some memorable, timeless classics. Also, she will be aiming to get into writing for other artists and building recording studios in her hometown. “Dreams turn into goals, goals turn into steps, and I walk every day.” An amazing talent, Gerriah has hit the ground running. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Instagram: IAmGerriah

Stream Gerriah Lynch: IAmGerriah

Spend The Night: Stream Here

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