Jewell Sol

Music is much more than just sound! For some, music reverberates not only in their ears but in their soul as well. To Rapper, Drummer, and Pianist Jewell Sol, music is an extension of himself. Born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Wyandotte County, Jewell has been practicing music for the past 15 years. What interested him in music was sitting in church and feeling the healing atmosphere that music created. He’s struggled with understanding who he was, and that has been the root cause of his hardships. Being a healer, Jewell had no clue he was attracting those who needed healing. He’s missed many opportunities, friendships, and even parts of himself due to being unconscious of his energy. Sol claims that every time he put someone else before himself, he’s lost. To work on overcoming this dilemma, he’s started his own official label with hopes of breaking the cycle and taking full control of his life and energy. Jewell loves to play meditation music and give listeners something they can genuinely vibe with. He’s worked with a couple of artists in the city with the hopes of partnering with many more! He would describe other music creators in the city as extremely talented and divine, some of the best that the universe has to offer. He sets himself apart by striving to be the best and putting his whole soul into playing his instruments. In times to come, Jewell Sol plans on buying land, opening businesses to create more jobs for his community, and continuing his musical holistic healing journey across the world with the help of his supporters. We’re interested in what’s to come. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Facebook: Jewell Sol

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