Alexander Preston

Being a creative isn’t necessarily about creating, but more so about the vision that prompted the creation. Why is it that you create? What is the outcome that you plan for your creation? 27-year-old Music Producer and Recording Artist Alexander Preston out of Kansas City, Missouri, is a visionary that has formed everything he has created around his end goal. His journey began at 15 years old when he took up producing EDM music. At the time, it was just a hobby that he didn’t see a future in. To Alexander, his excitement for the genre was dying; there wasn’t any money in it for him. During his time at UMKC, he decided to focus wholeheartedly on creating quality Rap and Hip Hop beats. Alexander would begin to write songs a couple of years later in 2018. The thought of producing captivated him in the sense that one could have an idea that starts from nothing and be able to place that very same idea on “canvas,” or in this case, Engineering software. Heavily enthralled in his younger years in music by Kanye, OutKast, Aphex Twin, and numerous punk bands, his musical palate was and still is very diverse. Fascinated by how these artists arrived at their final products, he wanted to create the same feelings they evoked. With Yeezus dropping in 2013, the way Alexander perceived Hip Hop could sound changed completely. He learned how to make and structure beats through his remaking Clams Casino instruments. The usage of electronic sounds by Evian Christ and Arca was also something studied. In 2014 he attended a free Travis Scott concert and had the chance to converse with the rapper and Chase B following the show. He was inspired by how someone could come from humble beginnings, grasp hold of their situation by believing in their sound, and become a global superstar in less than a decade. Preston has found hardships in not knowing what he wants to do with his musical journey and others not seeing his vision. Not everyone will understand your music, and that’s okay. Despite all the times that he’s heard “no” or “your beats are crazy,” Preston pushes through, stays patient, and continues working. He’s grateful for those who’ve given his music a shot. The music he makes is true to him from start to finish. He has a range with his beats, and they all hit in their own unique way. He mixed, mastered, wrote, and released his first solo project ULTRAGRADE and people seemed to like it. He wants people to know it’s okay to step out of the box and not follow trends. More importantly, however, he’s creating music that feels good to himself. Preston has currently locked in projects with Aaron Alexander and Southside Dame. He did four tracks on Aaron’s “Kushlov Effect” and the title track on Dame’s “Pretty Girls Listen to Dame” album. Furthermore, he and Zarin Micheal finished his album a couple of months ago. Gdave hit him up to work on some collaborations, the artist’s progression in recent years has been astounding to Preston. Alexander Preston sets himself apart by not being afraid to try new things and fail. He describes music as an auditory puzzle, stating that eventually, he’ll get it right. He’s a natural at mixing genres and hopes to broaden listeners’ soundscapes. In the future, Alexander sees himself living comfortably, making music that’s both fun and true to himself. He’ll be able to support his family as he plans on being immortalized as one of the great game-changers in the Rap/Hip Hop industry. “‘Everything you do in life stems from either fear or love’ – Kanye West.” Alexander Preston has a vision we can definitely see him attaining. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Website: World Of Preston

SoundCloud: Alexander Preston

Twitter: WorldOfPreston

Instagram: WorldOfPreston

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