TJ Simpson

A struggle that many have is being able to separate dreams from reality. This sentiment is especially true when it comes to Creatives who have to find balance juggling the daily trials of life while pushing towards their ideal future. 26-year-old TJ Simpson was born in Dayton, OH but was adopted and “raised” by Kansas at a young age. A writer before all else, he also raps and takes up photography as a hobby. TJ has been rapping since he was younger but, as he’s grown more serious about the craft he’s studied. Through his studies, he’s learned how to remain patient and apply the lessons learned about the art. TJ considers himself a rookie because he just started releasing music a year ago. The team he’s been able to form around himself means nothing but business, and as a result, he plans on releasing a lot more quality content this year. As a kid, hearing different artists’ flows and how they piece together rhymes that intertwine with the beat astonished TJ. Determined to find that sound for himself, he’s listened to many different genres within the art form. Bow Wow, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake are only a few of the artists he’s found inspiration in. Simpson has struggled to find some stability between dream chasing and reality. Work, family, and maintaining a budget are some of the things that require constant focus. Taking things one day at a time and building a foundation by making the money he works for work for him is how Simpson’s been able to push his agenda. He describes the music in Kansas as underground, and his generation will be the ones to change that. Comprised of numerous talented creators, once more collaboration amongst artists occurs, the city will gain recognition comparable to Atlanta, New York, or California. TJ Simpson states that he’s willing to work with any and everyone to make that plan come to fruition. If they’re taking their music as seriously as him, he’s all for working together. Some of the noticeable locals TJ looks forward to working with include AyeL, Jooby Truth, Bucks, Dmaccaveli, DiorDash, and Amira Wang. He says he differs from others because he doesn’t necessarily want the spotlight. He acknowledges everyone’s talents and isn’t in competition with anyone but himself. Simpson has hopes of a happy, successful future. He wishes nothing more but to be at peace through influencing and motivating others, especially those in his city. To make it more worth being in KC, he’ll open doors that allow opportunities for people to access their dreams. “Never worry about who doesn’t support you. Find the ones who genuinely do support you & surround yourself. None of that other stuff will ever reach your attention. Stay happy & keep it fun.” Big talent with bigger dreams, we’re excited to see what he can do! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

LinkTree: TJ Simpson

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