Amira Wang

Funding the life you want while working with your craft doesn’t always go hand in hand. Fortunately, some creatives have been able to find ways for their skills to work for them. Big Wang Baby is a multifaceted creator in her 20’s from both Kansas City and Raytown who’s turning her craft into cash. Proficient in Writing, Production, Piano, Rap, and various athletics, Wang has been sharpening her talents since 9. She gained interest in music by watching her brothers play the piano. Wang hasn’t experienced too many hardships with her craft, aside from not being made wealthy from it. She’s certainly made strides towards that, charging and being paid for both features and performances. Wang separates the Kansas City music scene into two groups; the popular stuff and the more “unknown” stuff. She describes the popular as dull, but when you dig deep and find that underground sound it’s filled with talented artists. Big Wang Baby has partnered with local artists Shay Lyric, Epitome, Adeta Marie, Robin Lucky, and Soul Food Suede. In addition, Wang looks forward to working with other locals. She doesn’t look to set herself apart from other artists because her only competition is the woman in the mirror. In the future, she sees herself as wealthy and being able to experience all her deepest desires. “Chase greatness, not the bag, that’ll come.” She’s chasing greatness and is close to obtaining it. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


YouTube: Amira Wang

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