Noah Blount

To think how much creatives can learn from others is crazy. The aesthetics and styles created in past times are still being emulated presently. When one values something, it’s normal for them to apply their signature twist to it. 22-year-old Noah Blount out of Kansas City, Missouri is a Videographer and Music Maker who’s been creating since 2016. Blount recalls finding the spark of inspiration for the craft when he was younger. Since the age of 10, he would always study the creative and captivating effects used in 90’s and early 2000’s music videos. Blount would take his passion for his talents to the next level in 2019, shooting and editing music videos from his iPhone before purchasing an actual camera. To market himself around the city and increase clientele, Blount began charging $100 for videos. Throughout this time, Noah was living in Fort Worth, Texas, meaning he was constantly traveling back and forth to work in KC. He’s honed his skill through learning from other Videographers he’d see on YouTube and Instagram. He’s been able to take their different methods and tweak them to match his skill set. Blount has juggled being a Videographer, father of three, and working a full-time job which has caused him to develop his time management skills. His goal is to stay focused and only worry about improving himself to help others. He’s driven by the thought of being successful for his family and showing others that you can become the best at whatever you like to do! His videography forte is that 90’s VHS style of film, hence his business name “NoahFilms.” In the future, Noah Blount plans to partner with big companies and musical artists. He hopes to travel nonstop and establish his own film school. “Do what’s right and treat people fair.” A man on a mission, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more from him. Always move, #CloserToYourDreams


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