Often we see how one’s upbringing has a direct impact on their interest and talents. Surrounded by music all his life, 29-year-old Guvinchi or “Gu” is a Producer and 1/4 of Tha Goonez production team. Bouncing back from Kansas City and Houston, Guvinchi credits both cities for raising him. Although predominantly musically inclined, Gu has always enjoyed dancing as well. Often hearing music from his Mom, Uncle, and family friends, there was no doubt that Guvinchi would fall in love with the art just as they had. Amongst Gu’s favorite genres are Alternative, 90s RnB, and Trap with some noticeable artists being Tyler the Creator, Young Thug, and Gucci. Trap and Hip Hop are especially his favorites to produce although, he dabbles in everything. Bounce, flavor, and heart are all things he adds to the group. Guvinchi makes sure to bring his all to Tha Goonez because he wants to see them ahead. One of his main hardships was finding a way to make himself heard, however, this problem is a thing of the past. Through consistency and observation, Guvinchi has honed his craft. Seven years of trials and errors have been the best teacher, but Gu believes that he and his brothers Drizi, Tez, and Sachhi teach each other. He has been able to work with plenty of local KC talent, with a few being MB58, DWalk, MaeC, Bucks Baby, Southside Dame, Kye Colors, Zarin Michael, 1Bounce, Star B, and Ayel. He hopes to work with Hilary Banks, Unique Monaee, and producer Paris Luciano. Guvinchi is willing to work with anyone but there’s a price for his services, and rightfully so. In the future, he sees himself along with the rest of Tha Goonez being some of the hottest producers out, receiving placement plaques and more. To achieve this, they’ll step out of the box and continue to keep strong faith in one another. “You got it just be you, keep control of your own destiny and believe you can do whatever you want if you put your mind into it. Be great, be beautiful, and do it all to the fullest.


Booking: Tha Wax

Beats by Guvinchi: Click Here

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