Drizi Dre

Sampling is an underrated skill in the world of production. Outsiders looking in don’t see the work it takes identifying the correct scale, BPM, and pitch of a sample to shape it for the beat. 28-year-old DeAndre “Drizi Dre” Arnold from Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas, has gained and grown his expertise with chopping and applying samples precisely. Being another 1/4 of Tha Goonez, he’s stayed consistent and motivated the production team to continue cultivating their respective skills. He found interest in the craft after being enthralled by productions from producers such as Kanye, Dilla, and Dr. Dre. DeAndre enjoys producing RnB tracks and listening to Trap music. A hardship he’s encountered is feeling as though others don’t believe in him or his vision. He states that it’s really up to us to place ourselves in a position to be seen, heard, and believed in. Arnold has improved his talents through constantly branching out and working with other producers, soaking up their knowledge and ideas. Through the repetition of making so many beats, he’s heard slight changes and little nuances within his creations. He credits producers Jarriel and Caddy for showing him that becoming a producer in KC is more than possible. DeAndre has worked with most of the “big dogs” or more established artists but looks forward to working with new up-and-coming talent as well. In the future, Dre looks forward to running a label alongside his team and putting rising stars in the position to succeed. Consistency and networking have gotten them this far, and that’s how they’ll reach the next level! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: dreday2224@gmail.com

Tales From Tha Wax: Listen Here

There Never Was a Paradise: Listen Here

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