Everyone in life has a calling. Knowing what that calling is and how to achieve it isn’t always laid out in bold letters; it takes some searching. Luckily, life has a way of attracting us to what it’s meant for us to do. 28-year-old Sachhi out of Kansas City, Kansas, is a Music Producer working alongside his team, Tha Goonez. Music has always influenced Sachhi, and when he came to a crossroads in life, music had been there to save him by showing him the right path. He enjoys producing RnB music the most, stating, “it allows me to tap into my Teddy Riley/Jodeci side.” RnB and Trap are his favorite genres. He names Kendrick Lamar as an artist to who he frequently listens. Sachhi considers himself the glue of his production team. He’s willing to take the risk and has a motor that doesn’t stop, something he’s sure his team finds a sense of relief in. His team knows that he’ll do whatever is necessary because Tha Goonez comes before each of them individually. Kansas City not being a musical hub has caused hardships for Sachhi and the rest of Tha Goonez. There’s no music infrastructure so, this harms a lot of upcoming talent. Slowly but surely, that issue is going away. Due to constantly wanting to become better, Sachhi has improved day by day. Since he’s started, he hasn’t taken a day off from mixing and producing. His team pushes each other because no one wants to get left behind. Besides himself, Sachhi thanks his brother Marcus for being a mentor in his life. Musically, he says he wouldn’t be the producer he is today without team members Dre and Goof. He hopes to work with other locals like Walt, Dom Chronicles, Bam Keith, Jayrel, and Nick B. Sachhi also plans to work with other producers and share his platform with them. Eventually, he wants to get into scoring movies and video games. From there, he’ll follow the music wherever it takes him. He is open-minded on where it leads him, he just wants to experience moving around, building the right relationships, and using his resources to be a good person. He believes these qualities will help him be able to achieve every goal set. “To me, giving up is way harder than trying.” We’re looking forward to seeing where music takes him. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Bookings: Tha Wax

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