Tezzy Tez

The term, “product of your environment,” generally has a negative connotation. Despite this, oftentimes we find it’s our environment that plays a part in pushing us to become the best versions of ourselves. Tezzy Tez, instrumentalist and 1/4 of Tha Goonez out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas, has been surrounded by music for the majority of his life, thanks to his family members. His Uncle played a big part in Tez developing skills in drawing and beat production. Through high school marching band, he’d also gain a long-lasting love for the trumpet. He enjoys both listening to and creating RnB music. Tez also enjoys Jazz and Hip Hop, especially appreciating the oldies. Due to Tez specializing in melodies, keys, strings, etc., he adds that raw, soulful sound you can’t get out of VSTs. He’s learned to remain patient and become more willing to branch out and be heard, something he’s struggled with in the past. He’s found his sound through staying motivated and positive at all times, no matter how complicated the job may be. He’s built relationships with and worked alongside artists he’s always wanted to, becoming confident in the sound he’s providing to the masses. Experience has been Tez’s best teacher; a lot of trial & error and ups & downs. Tez and his team have been trying to make this dream work for some time now, meaning it was easy for them to lose motivation and think they were making the wrong moves at times. In addition to the time investment, growing up in a city where there’s no structure or guidance for music makes the journey harder. No matter the struggle or hate, Tez makes sure he plays his part in keeping Tha Goonez focused on the end goal; their joint success. He and his team have partnered with artists AyEl, Buck$ Baby, TJ Simpson, Dwalk, Kye Colors, and more. Tez hopes to eventually work with locals Jass, Alanzo, Jooby Truth, and a couple of others. In the future, Tez sees himself continuing to do music; producing, writing, scoring, it doesn’t matter as long as the music is involved. His plan is for him and Tha Goonez to receive placement, begin building a platform, and even possibly becoming a production label thing in the future. He’ll reach these goals by grinding, staying motivated, and being positive while always giving his all to perfect his sound. “Never let nobody tell you what you can or cannot do, reach for the stars and create your path.” Tezzy Tez is certainly creating his path. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: tezzytheproducer@gmail.com

Book Here: Tha Wax

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