Michaela Charles

All too often the skillfulness of hairstylists is overlooked despite how needed they are. There is a certain mastery required in the braiding, crocheting, and pinpoint precision placement of hair that hairstylists have to earn through constant practice. 22-year-old Michaela Charles out of Kansas City, Kansas is a hair extraordinaire on the rise. Growing up, she remembers always having an interest in hair and can recount doing her mother’s hair on multiple occasions. It wasn’t until her Sophomore year in high school that she’d begin doing hair as a side hustle. Like a well-watered rose, Michaela would see her side hustle blossom until a full-time job over the next couple of years. One of the biggest challenges for her was not having a definite place for clients to come to. That would all change in November 2020 when she found a salon home.

“Having a guaranteed spot to meet up with clients has made a big difference. Since then, business has been booming.”

—Michaela Charles

She offers an array of services with knotless braids, feed-in braids, butterfly locs, passion twists, and various natural hairstyles being just a few. She’s aware of the many talented hairstylists residing in Kansas City and feels honored to be a part of an industry that she can see only continuing to grow. Michaela wishes to remain a student of the craft and continue learning and improving upon her skills so that she’s able to touch a multitude a clients and help them feel beautiful. In the future, she plans on becoming an esthetician and offering those services alongside the multiple hair-related ones she offers. Her ultimate goal, however, would be opening a chain of hair stores. Through persistence and nonstop grinding, Michaela Charles believes anything is possible for her, something we see clear as day. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: styledbychaela@yahoo.com

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Instagram: StyledByChaela

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