Ja’Male Morrow Jr.

From the outside looking in, a barbershop may appear as just a spot where people go to get haircuts. Besides being a place customers can receive the freshest fades and trendiest tapers, barbershops are regarded as epicenters for African American cultures and communities. The cultural impact of barbershops resonated with 25-year-old Barber and Entrepreneur Ja’Male “Schmelly” Morrow Jr. out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas. He started cutting his hair in December 2019 before enrolling in barber school in January 2020. As an inexperienced barber, generating clientele was rough for Schmelly at first but, the demand for traveling barbers would soon increase drastically. Following the COVID shutdown, Schmelly would do house calls for $5, practicing his craft while offering inclusive deals during a rough time for everyone. It’s safe to say that there would be an increase in pricing the more his skills improved. He credits his clientele and peers for the constant feedback they give regarding his steady improvement. Creatives realize when they’ve strengthened their skill set, but those surrounding them see it even before they do. Marketing has become one of the skills Morrow prides himself on to bring in more clients.

“In this industry if you don’t hustle you don’t eat. I try to take pictures and post them as often as possible. The more they see my post, the more they see my growth, the more I’m on their mind and the more money that’s mine!”

–Ja’Male Morrow Jr.

Morrow utilizes numerous tools such as clippers, combs, brushes, and recently an air compressor that’s helped take his cuts to the next level. He names Ms. Braxton at Wymaster Barber College as one of his biggest influences, even referring to her as his sensei. Seeing her dedication and drive in an industry dominated by men pushes Schmelly to go even harder. He states that in the KC Metro area there are great barbers, however, the talent is limited. He currently resides in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, and says there’s more talent and more lanes for diversity. In addition to this, a larger population has helped grow clientele and revenue. Currently, Ja’Male “Schmelly” Morrow Jr. is taking the time to perfect his craft while mapping out his million-dollar idea. “Be you, be successful.” The man with a plan, we hope to see his everything come to fruition. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: morrowjamale@gmail.com

FaceBook: JaMale Morrow

Instagram: HateOnSchmelly

Instagram: Fresh.By.Schmelly

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