Rych E Ry

Just like some wish to succeed in their own lives, some wish their success brings about the success of many others. They invest time and money within their respective communities in hopes of making a difference. 24-year-old Rych E Ry from Kansas City, Kansas, has refined her skills while helping those around her flourish. A talented Curator, Producer, Vocalist, and Choreographer, Ry has quite the repertoire under her belt. She developed her love for these kills due to how free and visual they are; Ry has appreciated their artistic expression since four. She’s found hardships when working with others who differ in mindsets and their way of going about things. She’s gotten past hardships by spiritually and mentally growing and diverting her energy to improving herself.

“A goal of mine is to expand as a voice, not only for the city but for the world. My heart is pure and desires a reflection of peace, a world of peace. My soul yearns for growth.”

–Rych E Ry

Her mind is a world of art that Ry intends on sharing with everyone. Ry has been able to network through working in studios as both a Choreographer and Audio Engineer. The passion she has for her community sets her apart from others; she’s leaving behind a legacy for the youth and representing who she is through her creations. She’s engaged with multiple people on both sides of the city, established herself as a role model for those younger than her, and encouraged others to live their lives how they want. Uplifting other’s goals and providing input to how they can grow, Ry is a positive pillar of the community. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Rychery101@gmail.com

SoundCloud: Ry

YouTube: Rych E Ry

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