Chelle Alexis-Nicole

It is common to see Creatives utilize their talents to amplify their voice and reach the masses. What many do not see is the leap of faith it takes for some Creatives to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their craft wholeheartedly. 22-year-old Chelle Alexis-Nicole from Kansas City, Kansas, is a Full-Time Makeup Artist and Freelance Model who has been practicing for five years. Chelle states she remembers staring at the MAC girls in Dillards from a distance because she was too shy to approach them. She admired the process of applying makeup and finally worked up the courage to go in for an eyeshadow demo. She’d spend her free time watching YouTube tutorials regarding makeup and fell heavily in love with the art. In addition to being shy, a lack of confidence in her skills compared to others is one of the hardships Chelle dealt with. In this age of social media, many are aiming for a picture of perfection and often feel the need to compare themselves to others, even when they’re perfect in their own ways! Not seeing this, she’d allow bullies and haters to get to her.

“I almost forgot who I was at a point in time. Then I took a long hard look in the mirror and reminded myself what my grandma told me ‘people gon’ talk about you, people talked about Jesus christ’. Reminding myself who I am and the power I hold. I wish every woman who is dealing with any insecurities could just remember their power and know that they don’t need anyone’s validation!”

–Chelle Alexis-Nicole

Chelle realized that everyone’s course is not the same and that no one has any obligations to support. She stopped comparing her journey to anyone else’s and instead switched to tunnel vision, focusing on bettering herself. Chelle’s strategy for improvement has been keeping faith in herself and putting her best foot forward. It’s an inspiration to see her go from practicing on her friends in high school applying makeup with her fingers to working in a salon. She thanks her friends for encouraging her even when she didn’t see herself going far. She works alongside others in her field at PS Luxury Beauty Bar and looks forward to working more with models, designers, and photographers in the city. One of the Entrepreneurs she admires the most is Lesley, CEO of PS Luxury Hair. Chelle loves her work ethic and says the advice given to her by Lesley inspired her to get up every day and work on her business. Chelle sets herself apart because she intends on connecting with all her clients. She truly wishes for all her guests to feel welcomed and relaxed while being pampered. Some goals of hers include being a MUA for celebrities visiting KC, traveling with her career, and being the CEO of multiple businesses. She’s constantly improving her skills and how to market herself, even being found in the middle of parties managing her business pages. “Don’t ask God ‘why?’ when you asked God to drive, keep HOPE.” Chelle is serious about what she does and will never give up on herself. With talent like hers, we wouldn’t expect her to! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Facebook: Real Rich Beauty MUA

Instagram: RealRichBeauty_MUA

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