Chaz Young

It’s fascinating to see the differentiating skills that we develop as we grow in life. Various experiences and information change and shape our ideas constantly. 23-year-old Chaz Young is a Fashion Designer and CEO of Elite High Fashion Clothing. Being a military kid, he recognizes a couple of places as home but is currently operating in Kansas. Elite HF Clothing started last year in 2020 and has grown exponentially within such a short amount of time. Young had the vision beginning in 2016 during his Freshman year of college. At the time, he had discovered a growing interest in Graphic Design that began with making party flyers and logos. Over the next couple of years, Young would lay the foundation to start designing and distributing clothing. His love for fashion stems from the idea that your outfit is one of the loudest and best ways to express oneself. He’s always wanted to build a brand for himself and, a clothing line felt the most natural way to do so. Chaz believes ownership is essential when concerning things such as businesses and assets.

“I believe that having things of your own that you created just hits different and is way cooler than just buying what is available in a store that thousands of other people may have. We are all unique and meant to add value to others in some way, shape or form. Everything in this world started off as a thought/idea that was then brought to life no matter how big or small. From inventions to businesses to clothing, it all started from someone who had the courage to try.”

–Chaz Young

This journey has been met with hardships like consistency and building a proper blueprint for smooth business operations. Choosing a meaningful name that was both sustainable and had lThis journey has been met with hardships like consistency and building a proper blueprint for smooth business operations. Choosing a meaningful name that was both sustainable and had longevity was important for Young. He’s had the idea to start the brand for at least three years. With him being a college student, however, he was never in a financial position. He noticed people tend to get discouraged when things don’t go as expected, and he was no different. The startup is even more difficult when you don’t receive support/attention. Young remarks that the beginning is always hard but, we should persist because the end goal is worth it. As he’s remained consistent, his courage and appreciation of the brand have grown. He’s adapted a heightened level of grit and determination while pushing, marketing, and adjusting the brand to make constant improvements. He’s been able to network slightly with other local designers but has yet to collaborate with anyone. When asked how he sets himself apart, Chaz states the company was founded on the idea of setting yourself apart and being the best version of yourself in all aspects. He’s only scratching the surface and still sees so much potential later down the road. His brand offers a wide selection of products; face masks, fanny packs, tote bags, hats, shirts, and shorts in a variety of colors. Even so, a significant goal for Chaz is to increase product stock and type. Other goals include creating a customized identity in terms of materials and growing the brand’s following on social media. Chaz Young would like to build the brand to a level where he could pour back into the community and other creatives, hopefully inspiring others to start their respective businesses and go after whatever they want to achieve in life. “‘Sometimes you have to call an audible to make a bigger play. – Chaz Young” Bigger plays are certainly on the way. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


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