Abdul-Amir Williams

Creatives often have gifts they’ve been aware of all their lives but have yet to try and improve them to max potential. This could be for several reasons: the most common being due to a lack of proper equipment. Once able to obtain the necessities, it’s captivating seeing how Creatives naturally immerse themselves into any and everything regarding the skill. 25-year-old Abdul-Amir Williams is a Photographer from Albany/Leesburg, Georgia. He’s always dabbled in photography but wouldn’t get serious about his craft until a year and a half ago when he acquired a digital camera and a 3 Film camera. Creativity has always encompassed him. Being within that creative space influenced him to invest in a better setup resulting in sharper photographs. His initial research on camera models and the vital role lighting plays was lengthy and in-depth so choosing the right product took time. Learning how to operate as a business while maintaining control over his schedule was a time management concept Amir emphasized. He’s grown from his hardships by keeping patient and allowing the journey to develop his character through the highs and lows.

“I never really wanted the notoriety, it was more so being respected for creating things I felt were inspiring to me primarily. Some of the reasons I do this is simply to inspire people with certain snapshots of moments that you can feel. I feel as if the photos that I take, they have a certain mood to them in their own respects, allowing me to express my mind through the work.”

-Abdul-Amir Williams

Willims states he’s blessed to network with numerous individuals in his field. Operating within close proximity with others and their journeys has allowed him to pick up tips and tricks to improve his regimen. Amir sets himself apart through the uniqueness of how he shoots, being sure to display his creative nature in every capture. In the future, he plans on creating a photo book, organizing a gallery, and eventually owning a studio to utilize. Until then, Williams is focusing on getting the groundwork in order and outlining how to bring these goals to fruition. He’s taking things one day at a time while allowing God to help navigate through life. “‘If you’re not being you, then what are you doing exactly?’-Abdul-Amir Williams.” A man with a keen eye and niche for photography, we’re interested in seeing what he shoots next! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: abdulamirb.williams@gmail.com

Instagram: amirabdul_

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