Adeta Marie

In a life full of growing pains and unexpected experiences, having a creative outlet is a necessity. Creative outlets are an excellent way to convey the emotions you aren’t always able to talk out. 25-year-old Adeta Marie is a Singer/Songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. Since Adeta could remember, music has always been a part of her life. She recalls making up songs about any and everything as a child. Her fascination with music would spark her interest in beat production and ultimately cause her to gravitate more towards primarily singing and songwriting. Adeta states one of her hardships is the “image” aspect of the industry. There are so many politics regarding the desirability of a woman based solely on appearance. Often, women recording artists are overlooked if they do not fit these standards set by society, a standard Adeta hopes to dismantle. Being overlooked because she wasn’t the right size or shade may have affected her in the past but Adeta has become bolder in her approach and confident in what she brings to the table. She’s determined to be heard and won’t be silenced for anyone. Creating a space for those who don’t fit the norm to confide in is one of her top priorities.

“I want to inspire people. I want people to hear my music and relate to it and know they aren’t alone and things can get better. I want to inspire people to live authentically and be genuine to themselves however that may be perceived to others.”

—Adeta Marie

Adeta has immersed herself into the Kansas City music scene working heavily alongside production team Tha Goonez, Wasteland records, and constantly creating with other talented locals. Her creating from the heart and utilizing music as an “audio diary” has set her apart from others. Her sound is unique, smooth, and ethereal. The goal for Adeta is to become a full-time Creative doing what she loves all the time. She’d love to see her name become international and wishes to collaborate with other Kansas City creatives. “’Stay authentic to you because everything is subjective anyways.’ — Adeta Marie.” We’re excited to hear more from her! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Instagram: AdetaMarie

LinkTree: AdetaMarie

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