Creatives, more time than not, will accumulate different skills that attribute to their main craft. An example of this would be Recording Artists studying Audio production or a Canvas artist diving into digital design. Alone these crafts are solid but, using other skills as additives gives creatives access to a bigger platform. 25-year-old Tolon from Kansas City is a Creative Writer, Visual Artist, Rapper, Singer, and Actor. His mother sang in the Choir, his Father was a part of a Rap group, and his grandfather was a drummer for Earth, Wind, and Fire. Coming from such a musically diverse background, Tolon states he’s been cultivating his talents since five. The road to get where he is now has been treacherous and full of twists. Depression caused by self-doubt held Tolon back for a while; it’s easy to feel your work is inadequate despite the beauty others may or may not see in it. He was able to find that spark in his new mission, letting others know that there are many ways to make a dream work. His confidence has changed the way he executes when creating, and it’s evident in all the work he produces.

“The more I act like me, the more I stand alone. There is no one that can do what I do. The sounds I choose are from the future. Style? From the future. I’m a real big movie buff so I take inspiration from things like inception, the dark Knight rises and the matrix.”


Tolon has become acquainted and worked with multiple creatives from Kansas City, including Phil Avery (DUO), SHARI, Terry Notes, Aaron Alexander, Alexander Preston, Lil Cut Marx’s and, Jooby Truth! He views all as amazing and refers to them as titans in their respective mediums. He emphasizes using the most with what you have. Even with minimum resources, you can maximize your success. Testament to this statement would be Tolon recording and engineering his last couple projects all from his phone. Tolon has traveled to Japan and has hopes of it being the birthplace of his legacy. The music released so far has been doing well in Japan streams so, Tolon plans to kickstart his touring off there. Certainly someone we see doing big things, we’re excited to see where Tolon lands. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Doom (DEMO): Stream Here

SoundCloud: Tolon

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