Brionna Banks

The littlest things can sometimes have the biggest influences on us. The things we hear on the radio, watch on the television, read in the magazines, etc. all have a part in developing personalities and talents. 27-year-old Brionna Banks is a Recording Artist out of Kansas City, Missouri. Music has been a part of her life since the beginning. She recalls her father constantly having the radio going, impromptu talent shows with her sister, and watching 106 Park with Big Tigger on B.E.T. Brionna felt within her heart music was going to have a vital role in her life. She hasn’t experienced any hardships yet nor knows if she will, however, she’s prepared to learn from any situation that comes her way. Banks describes her sound as “pretty girl” music; fun and flirty. Her music is for women who are unapologetic and men who love unapologetic women. Of all her inspirations to be great, her son is the biggest one for her.

“My son inspires me, he really loves my music and always wants me to play my songs. He plays my video on YouTube and he knows the words! The support I get from my family inspires me a lot as well. Also, whenever I’m out people acknowledge my music, they tell me their favorite song, they encourage me to keep going and it’s genuine. That really inspires me.”

—Brionna Banks

Although Brionna Banks has always connected with a few locals, she wishes to work with some more such as MB58, Ry’one, Jooby Truth, D-Walk, and Big Sky. There are so many women in KC’s local rap game she wants to connect with as well. She sets herself apart from others by staying in her lane and having fun with her music. Banks personality shines through her sound and that’s what attracts listeners the most. Going forward, she wishes to collaborate with more producers/artists, put out more projects, and market herself more efficiently. We see her continuing to be great. Always move #CloserToYourDream


Apple Music: Stream Here

YouTube: Watch Here

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