Mashayla Taylor Fuqua

We see our childhood hobbies become full-blown business ventures and practices often. The initial love for the craft paired with subtle outside influences usually results in increased interest and seriousness regarding the progression of the skill. Mashayla Taylor Fuqua is a 22-year-old Artist from Kansas City, Missouri. With her grandmother being a teacher in the past, she recalls visiting and always taking time to draw something utilizing the school supplies her Grandma would provide. Her outlook on the craft would evolve once reaching high school and enrolling in Art honors. This course would grow Mashayla’s respect and appreciation for Art while teaching different aspects in depth. Attempting to branch out with commissions while maintaining originality was a struggle Mashayla encountered in the early stages of her career. It is safe to say that her artwork has, without a doubt, developed its own identity. No matter how different each project may be from the last, Mashayla’s work and style are distinguishable from anyone else.

“I really do just love art. It’s something about having a blank canvas and using your hands to make something so amazing. I look forward to the improvements I’ll make in the future. Each chapter of the life is different inspiration for me. A lot of my projects are based on random sketches of how I feel in the moment.”

–Mashayla Taylor Fuqua

Her artwork is very bold and abstract as she employs a geometric style to give characters an androgynous look. Some goals of Mashayla’s include hosting art shows and having her artwork displayed in a renowned gallery. The biggest goal, however, would be to create a gallery for spotlighting local artists. Mashayla Taylor Fuqua wants to keep steadily improving to provide more for herself and her supporters creating for the love of art and not the money. “Life is like a blank canvas, and your friends & family are the paint. You apply each color where it needs to be to make a beautiful picture, but art cannot be rushed. Create your painting one day at a time.” We certainly see a beautiful picture coming together. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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