Dai Face

When creatives have been practicing a craft for a long time, versatility and fluidity with their approach is essential. Working with a large selection of people and adapting to their respective vibes is a skill often overlooked. 28-year-old De’Zhon Byrd, otherwise known as “Dai Face,” is a Rapper, Artist, and Licensed Esthetician from Kansas City, Missouri. Dai accredits her mom for instilling her love of music into the Rapper, stating that it was her love language and how they bonded in the household. Everything from Anita Baker and Lauryn Hill to Master P and Snoop Dogg had its turn on her mothers’ playlist. Dai was around 13 or 14 when she witnessed Nicki Minaj’s day view and how she took the industry by storm. As a Female Recording Artist, certain boundaries need to be set before working with others. Dai is 100% straightforward with her business and in doing so, gains the respect of every individual with whom she’s collaborated. Balancing her artistry with family and real-life can sometimes be a struggle due to the challenges life tends to throw at us.

“As time passes I’ve learned how to delegate a lot better & set aside that time for myself even if it’s going the extra mile or maybe losing sleep so I can have time for my dreams, wether that’s writing or going to the studio or planning ahead I’ve learned to not just let go of my dreams or the things I love because I know one day my story will help other girls persevere through what they’re going through.”

—De’Zhon Byrd

Looking up to artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake, Dai prides herself on her adaptivity and refuses to remain stagnant or box herself in. Her music offers something for everyone and that constant growth allows her to reach numerous different listeners. Experimenting with various genres, flows, and sounds excite her exponentially. Dai found the biggest inspiration in her children and how they interact with her music. Through her journey, she hopes to teach them that no matter what routes they take in life being 100% dedicated and believing in yourself are tools that will take you far. Dai has seen some beneficial connections and friendships blossom from working with other artists. She highlights her partnering with BFB DaPackman and how they’ve grown a genuine friendship through learning and teaching each other about the industry and life. Her producer 1Bounce and manager RJ from ComeUpSeason are also connections she considers family. Dai’s aware of the abundant talent in both KCMO & KCK and wishes to broadcast the talent for the world to see. Kye Colors, Ayel, Jooby Truth, D-Walk, Hillary Banks, Shay Lyric, and producer JWhite, are only a few artists she hopes to partner with. Dai Face sets herself apart by pouring all her love and soul into any and everything she touches. Focusing on self-love and being happy with the small victories is a top priority for her creative process. She displays her beauty inside & out by being authentic, positive, and showing grace. In the future, Dai plans to touch the world with her music. She’d like to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps by becoming an icon in the music, fashion, and beauty industries. She wants to give back to her community by creating a 24-hour Daycare in KC and starting an organization for children who have lost parents to gun violence and other unfortunate events. As a child who has lost a parent, Dai understands the need for therapy and resources for young children dealing with that trauma. She also understands the difficulty of not having support as a Mother while trying to better yourself, going to school, and working full time which is why she’d open her doors to every child and parent in need. “’You are the most important person in your life. If you can’t love & take care of yourself, then you can’t love & take care of anyone else’ Wise words from my grandmother.” A heart of gold with the dreams that match, we expect to be hearing more from her very soon. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: daifacebookings@gmail.com

YouTube: Dai Face

Apple Music: Stream Here

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