Brooke Winter

For some, that first great experience with something is all it takes for them to love it for a lifetime. This is also the case for 25-year-old Singer and Songwriter Brooke Winter from Kansas City. Winter has been singing since three and writing since eight. She recalls her older sister, who is also a gifted singer, teaching her to harmonize and credits her with introducing Winter to her love of music and sound. While most of her music could be placed in the RnB genre, Brooke can both write and sing to any style need be. Amongst others, some of her favorite genres to sing include Country, Soul, Alternative, and Pop music. Although she hasn’t been able to display her versatility yet, she promises fans will get to see how versatile she can be in due time. Like most upcoming artists, Brooke has experienced not receiving the respect and acknowledgment talented artists like her deserve. As a shy woman who isn’t outspoken, it’s hard to gain support in an industry dominated by men. Female recording artists have to hustle just a little harder to make it. Even so, Winter is confident in her sound and allows her music to speak for itself. Not everyone is going to give the support, love, and credit due but that won’t stop the music from flowing.

“I’m myself through and through. I don’t change my sound, style, or anything for anyone. If I like something, that’s what I like and that’s what I’ll do even if others around me aren’t on the same page. That’s how much I trust my artistry. I’ll never try to set myself apart because just me being me will always keep me separated from the rest.”

—Brooke Winter

It’s safe to say other KC artists have taken notice of Brooke’s talents as she’s been able to partner with locals such as Tech N9ne and Nave Monjo. Brooke is always looking to expand on her connections both in and outside of Kansas City. A few of the artists she’d like to collaborate with are Dai Face, Slap City, Broderick Jones, JET, and Kelz. Of course, she’s always down for another Tech N9ne or Nave Monjo feature too. In the coming years, Winter plans to keep growing in exploring her artistry. With a head full of ideas and endless possibilities, she’ll continue releasing projects that show her range and development as a recording artist. In addition to this, she’ll be creating more visuals so listeners can put a face to the name and voice. Whatever she does, the only way for her is up! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


West Side: Stream Here

YouTube: Watch Here

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