Shay Lyriq

Staying consistent in anything is often easier said than done. Regardless, Creatives understand that allocating time to their craft is essential for development. 25-year-old Shay Lyriq is a Rapper and Songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. Over the past seven years, Shay has nourished her gifts and deeply rooted her name in Kansas City’s music scene. With Shay’s dynamic delivery and growing skillset, it’s safe to say her sound has and will continue to reach many other cities also. Like many other women in the industry, Shay has experienced her fair share of sexism. She responds by knowing her worth and demanding respect. Her projects are masterpieces requiring time and dedication; it’s made clear that the bare minimum isn’t allowed.

“I would characterize my music as lyrical and versatile. None of my music sounds the same but I’m able to be lyrical on each one. Music gives me a sure purpose in life. I feel complete when I get to create. Life doesn’t matter if I can’t create. I come from a long line of creators and I feel more at home knowing I have the gene too.”

—Shay Lyriq

Shay Lyriq has been able to connect and work with many people. Through her collaborations, she’s made many achievements, including the completion of THE ILLA CITY ANGEL EP. Lyriq looks forward to working with other women rappers like Amira Wang, Roblo, and Miss Kush. Other artists include Marcus Yates, Devi, and producer Trap Adix. There’s a nuance in Lyriq’s style and sound that’s captivating to her supporters. Her walk, talk, and music all radiate a unique flair unlike anyone else’s. Shay refuses to be boxed in by not conforming to anyone’s standards and staying true to who she is. In the future, Shay Lyriq will continue to keep music her number one priority mentally and financially. To start, she’ll look to complete more visuals from her THE ILLA CITY ANGEL EP. It’s a goal of hers to move to LA and eventually sign a distribution deal with Death Row Records. Wherever she travels, we’re sure her talents will carry her! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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