Gaelyn Lawrence

Things take time to learn, but when you’re naturally apt at picking up stuff on the fly, that time’s shortened significantly. We see this trait often in hustlers, people who acquire a skill and apply it directly to business and generating revenue. 19-year-old Gaelyn Lawrence from Kansas City, Kansas, is the very personification of the word hustler. Musically inclined, both a Fashion and Rug designer, Gaelyn is a triple threat who’s no doubt looking to add to her arsenal. Starting when she was younger, Gaelyn always knew music was something she wanted to explore and began her journey in 2018. At the time, she would record and post videos of her reciting a verse. A little later, she’d come across a Soundbooth allowing her to record and engineer her tracks. The hands-on experience with engineering proved to be an intriguing one. Hungry for more knowledge, Gaelyn signed up for an internship hosted by Tha Goonez. Tha Goonez are one of the premier production groups in Kansas City, so their mentorship and association opened many doors for Gaelyn. In 2020, her clothing line Lavish by AGM was launched as a way to stamp the brand. AGM stands for All Good Money and is the face of everything Gaelyn does. Lavish gives off a luxurious, rich forever tone represented in her merch. Recently beginning her rug designing and production in March 2022, Gaelyn has already developed a nice feel and following from her designs and craftswomanship. Her hustle mentality developed from her and her family not always having the necessary resources. After losing her father at 7, Gaelyn had to grow up pretty fast. She felt pressured to place her family in a better position and claims that mindset has molded her into the successful businesswoman she’s becoming. Very family-oriented, she wishes to ensure hers is taken care of and able to live life to the fullest. Her style is authentic and unique, and Gaelyn has no problem restarting as many projects as needed until she feels a product or verse is at its best. She’s invested countless hours into her clothing, making certain everything is aligned and unified. When it comes to music, Gaelyn delivers Midwest sounds with a heavy West Coast influence and vibe.  

“I set myself apart by how I move. I don’t really care to be around too many, I like to work now play later. When I work I tend to do that alone. I’m too tapped in with myself to really care about the opinions of others pertaining to what I do. I know exactly what I want and strictly mean business and sometimes I come off as intimidating simply because I don’t like people crossing barriers. This way, people stay out of my way.”

—Gaelyn Lawrence

Despite Gaelyn majorly working alone and not collaborating with many local creatives, she isn’t opposed to the idea and thinks it could be a positive experience. There are many dope artists in Kansas City with who she believes partnership would be enjoyable and worth it. Gaelyn Lawrence sees herself adding other talents and streams of income to her skillset in the future. Mixing, Producing, Tufting, Gluing, checking the Stock Markt, Submitting Trades, etc. are all outlets she’ll steadily improve in. Through these outlets, she’ll open doors for herself and others in her city via positivity and hard work. We believe Gaelyn can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Lavish by AGM: Shop Here

Clothing Instagram: LavishbyAGM

Rug Instagram: DaReal Rugs

Instagram: Daareal.og

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