Jeremiah Butler

We rely on cameramen and women to immortalize the moments we wish to remember for a lifetime and the feelings they evoke. Equipment, eminence, and most importantly, skill set are all qualities considered when choosing someone. 21-year-old Photographer and Videographer Jeremiah Butler from Washington D.C. excels in every category! He is currently operating in the Kansas City area delivering quality camera work for many. Jeremiah relates pictures and videos to time traveling, being able to revisit those special moments whenever. As a new photographer/videographer, the skill and quality reflected in Jeremiahs’ work are often overlooked. As a response, Butler focuses on consistently honing his skills and perfecting his time management.

“I put my heart into my work, I don’t do this just as another hustle. I take time to make sure I’m always giving my best effort with my clients and turning their vision into a reality. Never let nobody hate you out your dream, if you’re passionate about something run with it and don’t look back.”

—Jeremiah Butler

A part of Jeremiah’s goal includes bringing joy and peace to the world through this medium. Experiencing struggle in the past, he wishes to create a safe and stable environment for his son to flourish within. He has set short-term goals for himself, focusing on networking and increasing his notability. Constantly improving his knowledge by collaborating with other local Creatives and Entrepreneurs has helped Jeremiah Butler recognize his true worth. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and development will take him to levels higher than ever!


Instagram: JB Studio

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